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Hello, We are That’s Knit
Established 2015

In the age of high speed and synthetic fabrics, That’s Knit takes you back to a moment of tranquility and nature as you wrap yourself in 100% wool and cashmere. Our goal is not to interfere with the modern lifestyle, but to enhance it and make it healthier through our natural handcrafted products.
Arm knitting merino wool

100% ECO

In our products That’s Knit only uses natural, biodegradable materials that decompose in soil in a matter of years, slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth. Our products are hand-made and did not require any consumption of fuel or electricity for its production.

Arm knitting merino wool

Carefully Handcrafted

All the knitting, felting, and embroidery is done by hand. We use sewing machines and overlock for our tailored lines (coats, vests, and shirts) to guarantee careful and even stitching. Each piece we produce has its own story and character, each piece is made with care and attention.

Arm knitting merino wool

Cruelty Free

Our merino wool comes from the local farm, where the sheep are pastured freely in the fields and the shepherds know each one by name. We do not, and never will, use leather or fur in our products.

Arm knitting merino wool

Luxurious Australian Merino

Merino fibers are extremely fine, enabling them to bend far more than traditional, coarser wool fibers. This makes Merino wool feel soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin. In addition, its fibers have a natural protective outer layer that prevents stains and odors from being absorbed. And because Merino wool tends not to generate static, it attracts less dust and lint.

Arm knitting merino wool

Natural & Breathable

Merino wool is extremely breathable and is able to absorb and evaporate large quantities of moisture. It reacts to changes in body temperature, keeping you warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot. In our products, we also use other materials, famous for their natural properties, such as cashmere, silk, cotton, and linen.

Arm knitting merino wool

Traditional Felting

We’ve adopted and perfected the most natural felting technique that is centuries old. In its process, wool is stimulated by friction and lubricated by moisture (we only use pure drinking water for the felting process). It is crucial to apply the right amount friction for the fibers to stay soft and airy, yet acquire durability. Different methods of wet felting are used for producing the yarn and felt fabrics used in our products.

That’s Knit

Hand-spun super bulky yarn, chunky merino wool knits for your home, knitted warm accessories and apparel for you, all made with felted fool and Mongolian cashmere

Science is showing that – as well as being a natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber – wool promotes a better night’s sleep, as bedding and sleepwear made of Merino wool increases total sleep time, promotes sleep onset and improves sleep efficiency.

– University of Sydney, Australia